Bank Statement For US Visa – Complete Requirements

bank statement for us visa

One con of having a not-so-powerful passport, for example, in Pakistan, is that you would need to apply for a visa to go to countries such as the USA, Japan, and all the Schengen countries.

There are many requirements for a US visa application. One essential is the Visa Bank Statement Requirement to show financial evidence that you can afford a living in the USA.

There are various types of visas with different US Visa Bank Statements requirements. In this article, we are going to share all you would need to know about the financial evidence for your visa in America, so stay till the end.

How Many Months Are Visa Bank Statements Required?

You will need to apply at least three months of financial evidence that you can support yourself financially. If someone else will fund your stay, then their bank statements will do.

One thing is necessary to check what type of documentation would be required for the visa you are applying for, as it significantly varies.

For instance, if you are applying for job purposes, the offer letter, your position in the workplace, salary, and financial proof are necessary.

Not only this, but you would also need to cover the visa fee for the non-immigrant visa, which is US$160 right now (“Apply for a US Visa (English)””) and confirm it during your interview at the US embassy. Also, you need proof of sufficient funds to accommodate your stay and a passport with a validity of six months.

Do bring your medical prescriptions if you have any sickness as well as in case of any criminal records. You must show all sorts of documents at the US embassy.

What Are The US Tourist Visa Bank Statement Requirements?

To cover the tourist visa requirements, you need to show financial solvency, which is based on two options:


You would need to prove your ending balance of 300 days with the US minimum wage, i.e., $2175 for this number of days (“Minimum Wage”). For evidence, you can show:

  1. Printouts of your electronic financial statements that are certified through the bank, each of the last three months


  1. Electronic bank statement printouts and your financial authority letter, which has your proper full name, all your account details, and each one’s balance for the previous three months. You can sign this letter by hand.

Employment/ Pension

For this, you would be required to show your at least past 100 days’ income yield, which is the minimum US wage of $725. You can provide this in three ways.

  1. Pension: you can show this through the issuer of pension or security person that indicates your monthly receiving amount and a bank statement of the previous three months for confirmation that it is received.


  1. Employment: This document should indicate when your contract started (Must be one year old), your position in the workplace, and your salary, also, it should include your each last three pay stubs, and you should write your full name there with no omission. You can sign this by hand.


  1. Student: You should provide evidence of the university application, its start and end date, as well as your employment, scholarship, or pension proof with a minimum 60 days income of US, i.e., $450 each for the past three months.

What are the US student visa bank statement requirements?

If you are traveling to study in the US, then the following applications will be required.

  1.  Family or Personal funds: You must show your stock certificates or bank statements. You should merge this with your total assets of cash.

You should note that if your bank statement is lower than the US minimum requirement, which is a minimum of $40,000 (“Funds to Show in US Student Visa Interview – F1 Visa Tips”), then you will be asked the reason, which you can attach as a document or bank copy with your original document. This is to remove any sort of suspicion.

  1. Family member Employment status: You would need to show the income tax statement of the family member that might support you, their salary, and financial position
  2. Assets that can be converted into cash: You can readily show those assets which you can convert into cash, and you should provide the amount in US dollars. The best example would be property, where they would check you have clear ownership of it. Your debt reputation etc.
  3. Your scholarship, grants, loan, or fellowship: Though this will be mentioned on the Form authoritative by the school, university, or college still, you can provide a copy of it to the US embassy.
  4.  USCIS Form I-134: If your family member is going to support you financially, then they should fill out this Form to portray that not only do they have assets and income, but also they are eager to spend it on you.

What to do if I don’t have bank statements for a US visa application?

If you don’t have a bank statement, then worry not! As there are also other solutions to portray your financial evidence.

You can submit proof of your business or any certificate of employment.

This can include business registration, Mayor’s permit, or an income tax statement. For employees, it can include income tax returns and any certification that confirms employment.

Show a sponsor

You can find someone who can finance your trip. It could be family or friends. For that, you would require an “Affidavit of support.” However, the sponsor must show a bank statement.

Show evidence of Property Ownership.

You should definitely show copies of your property ownership. Examples of the documents are Investment in stocks, car registration, land titles, etc. This shows that even if you don’t have money in the bank, it is invested in property.

Provide proof of other sources of income

This means you can show any remittances received due to online jobs or any financial transactions that are your income sources. If you get any monthly allowance from the family, then you can also show recent three to six months transactions.


Can I use an online bank statement for a visa application?

Yes, you can utilize the Online Visa Application as long as the details and the account holder’s name are correct. Also, one more thing to keep in mind is that it needs to hold the original stamp from the bank for authenticity purposes. In today’s world, most transactions are done online; thus, pdf printouts are not something uncommon and are widely accepted if not forged.

How does the home office check bank statements?

The visa and immigration officers in the embassy will check for the minimum balance present during the last month in your bank account. They carry out verification to see if the documents are real or fake! It is necessary to show any statement from the bank which is done within the previous 31 days before you proceed with the US visa application.

What are the UK visa bank statement requirements?

There are various requirements for applying for a visa in the UK, and you would need to show the previous six months’ bank statements to highlight your salary and financial authority. Also, there should be a sudden deposit of a large sum of money. Also, the total savings must be double your expenses for the trip.

What are the requirements for a Bank statement for the visa in Canada?

The Canadian government doesn’t check your bank account, but they require proper bank statements. While applying for Canada, you would need to show all your bank statements for the past six months, such as property purchases, foreign slips, salary, fixed deposits, etc. Also, it should include a cover letter from your company letterhead for visa purposes.

How much is a bank statement required for a visitor visa?

The duration of the visit generally estimates the bank balance. Let’s suppose if you plan your trip for fifteen days, then the cost is going to be almost $5 to 10k in your bank account.

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