Eager to travel to the US? So are the 22.1 million international visitors who visited the country from 2011 to 2021! Since its introduction in 2009, ESTA has been making these trips easier for people. All that you need is an approved ESTA form to enter the US.

Do you fit the ESTA eligibility criteria but hesitate to fill out the form yourself? Want to know if a third party can do it instead? YES, THEY CAN! 

Read the following article carefully to find out all there is to know about third-party ESTA forms registration.

Yes, The Third Party Can Fill out The Form. How?

Once your eligibility has been established, the next step is to fill out the online form. Ideally, you, as an applicant will fill out the form yourself. 

However, it is not mandatory. A third party can also do it on your behalf. The third party, in most cases, is a travel agency or a family member. 

If you are traveling as a group, your group representative may fill out the forms for the entire group.

Your chosen third party must possess a copy of your passport and identity card. In the case of group travel, it is recommended that your group representative possess the passport information of all group members before initiating the application process. 

ESTA Form Particulars You Must Have:

When getting an ESTA form fill out from a third party, they must have the following data about you:

  • Personal data
  • Destination details
  • Information about your chosen person of contact in the US
  • Information about your current employer
  • Emergency contact details

Additionally, the third party will be required to answer security questions about you. Some pertinent questions in the ESTA application are as under:

  • Past travel history
  • Past medical history
  • Criminal record
  • Work intention in the USA
  • History of visa denial for the USA

Ensuring that the third party has access to the above-mentioned details makes the form-filling process smooth, quick, and hassle-free.


There is zero room for errors. When you entrust a third party with this task, make sure that they understand.

Minute details such as first name or surname misspellings can be a reason for rejection.

Third-Party Checkbox:

It is of utmost importance that the third party check this box on the form and specify that they are filling it on your behalf.

If this portion is skipped or not mentioned, chances are that your application will get rejected.

Group Forms:

Up to 50 members of a family or a group are allowed to apply together. However, each person is required to have their own ESTA.

All the applications for your group should be submitted at the same time. ESTA group applications require a longer processing time. We recommend applying at least one week before your intended date of departure.

Application Fee Payment

The third party can make the payment on your behalf. Note that a travel agent or agency often charges more than the standard ESTA fee.

We suggest that you check the official ESTA website yourself, to avoid getting scammed. Any payments that you make to the third party in excess of the standard fee will not be refunded by the Customs Border Protection Department. 

In the case of group applications, your group representative will pay the total fee on behalf of all the group members. 


Essentially, the ESTA form should be filled out by the applicant. However, a third party can also fill in the form on the applicants’ behalf. The usual third party is a travel agency or family member of the applicant.

The most common reason an ESTA gets rejected is to answer in the affirmative to anything in the questionnaire. Answering “yes” confirms that you should be considered a threat to the US. Therefore, you will be denied entry into the country. 

Yes, sometimes an ESTA application does get rejected. Unfortunately, you will not be provided with a reason for the rejection. You will simply receive a message regarding application rejection. 

It is optional for you to carry an ESTA printout, but not mandatory. Once your ESTA gets approved, it is electronically linked to your passport. When your passport gets scanned by the authorities, they automatically get access to the ESTA number assigned to you.


If you are eligible for it, an ESTA visa is a simpler and quicker replacement for orthodox visas. Now that you are aware of how a third party can take care of the nitty-gritty of your ESTA application, the process seems even simpler!

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and hit the road!