Did you change your name recently? Perhaps you got married, changed your last name, and now you are confused about how this will affect your ESTA status.

Do I need a new ESTA application if my name has changed?” If this question has been plaguing you, stop fretting! This article will provide a detailed answer. Keep reading to find out what you should do in such a situation.

Do I Need a New ESTA Application If My Name Has Changed?

When updating name information on ESTA, the timing is crucial. It is important to remember that you can either modify your form before payment, or you can modify it after payment of the application fee. The sections that can be modified in each step, differ from one another. 

Before Payment of the Application Fee

You can change most of the answers at this point.

After Payment of the Application Fee

At this point, the only two changes that you can make are your email address and your residential address in the US.

ESTA authorities state that you must apply for a new ESTA in the following circumstances:

  • Changing your gender
  • Changing your passport 
  • Changing your country of citizenship
  • If an answer to one of the eligibility questions has changed

In case, you have to change any of the above-mentioned fields, you will have to submit a new application, along with the fee. Since the scope of changing information for ESTA after form submission is quite less, it is therefore recommended that you fill out the form carefully.

Updating Name Information on ESTA Application

Bear in mind that your ESTA approval is closely linked to your passport. Your name, (first name and surname included) should match the one that is mentioned on your passport.

There is no room for any spelling mistakes. Such errors usually account for an ESTA application rejection.

Married Names

In most countries, newlyweds take up the last names of their spouses. This brings about a lot of uncertainty regarding legal documentation.

Name Unchanged on Passport

If you are still going by your maiden name on your passport, you have a green signal for ESTA usage too. Even if your marital status and/or name has changed, you need not worry about getting into trouble at the time of travel.

Name Changed on Passport

If you have changed your maiden name to your marital name on your passport, you must apply for a new ESTA before traveling. 

Aliases in ESTA Application

If you were married earlier, or have been known by other aliases throughout your life, you have to answer this question honestly on your ESTA application. Failure to do so may result in denial of approval.

Furthermore, this information should also match the credentials on your passport and ticket. 

Documentation to Carry in Case of Recent Name Change

If you have changed your name recently or have been known by any other alias, we recommend that you carry documentation that will verify this.

These can be marriage certificates, divorce certificates, proofs of the name change, etc. While it is not mandatory, it is better to do so for a smooth entry into the US. 


No, you cannot change your name on ESTA. If your name has changed, you must apply for another ESTA authorization. Furthermore, you will also have to pay the fee for the new application.

You can update the information on your ESTA application, as long as you have yet to pay the application fee. Once the form has been processed and approved, you can only update your ESTA address in the US and your email address.

Yes, you should update your ESTA to avoid any problems while traveling. Since your ESTA authorization is closely linked to your passport, any changes that have occurred in your passport should also be updated on ESTA.

Yes, ESTA needs to match the information on your passport, since both documents are closely linked. Both these documents should match at the time of travel and during your stay in the US.

Final Thoughts

By now, you must have enough clarity that there is no such as updating the name on the ESTA visa. You have to apply for a whole new ESTA altogether. 

Making any changes to your passport invalidates your existing ESTA authorization (even if it is still not expired). Commit this to your memory for smooth travel and entry into the US.