Have you heard about the I-94 travel record, but don’t know the details? This article have you covered. Not only will we be explaining what it is, but also touch upon its significance and usage while you are in the US. 

What is it About?

The I-94 form is essentially a record of your arrival or departure from the US. The I-94 form is issued by the CBP to every foreign visitor that enters the US.

Importance of the I-94 Travel Record

This document is important because it proves that you entered the country lawfully. Furthermore, it also states the intended date of your departure from the US. 

Is the I-94 Electronic or in Paper Form?

After the year 2013, visitors arriving via air or sea are issued electronic travel records. However, if you arrive by land, you might be issued a paper document. You then have to submit this document to the US border authorities upon departure from the country.

How Can You Get the I-94 Card?

Upon entering a US port of entry, a CBP officer will inspect your visa and passport. Your passport will then be stamped, showing a legal entry into the US. If you enter by land, you will receive a paper I-94 record. If using a sea or air route, then you will receive an electronic record. 

If you received a paper travel record, it is important to submit it to the authorities on departure from the country. This way it will be officially documented that you left the US before visa expiry. 

Usage of the I-94 Travel Record

Your I-94 travel record has a section “Admit until date” on it. Any stay beyond the mentioned date is considered unlawful and you will be held accountable for overstaying. 

This travel record is used when dealing with various government agencies, for instance, when applying for a driver’s license. If you extend your visa while in the US or have a change of status (become a green card holder), you will be issued a new I-94.

It is also required for the verification of foreign national registration, for changing immigration status, or in cases of obtaining employment within the US.

Cost of I-94 Travel Record

You are not charged any fee for obtaining an I-94 travel record.

How to Obtain a Paper Copy of Your Travel Record

It is important to keep a copy of this document with you. If you received an electronic record on arrival or misplaced your paper record, you can obtain a copy by following these steps:

  • Visit the homepage of the US CBP and go to I-94 forms
  • Then enter your name, date of birth, and passport information
  • Click on the tab, “Get most recent I-94”
  • You may then take a printout of your most recent I-94 record.


As a visitor to the US, obtaining the I-94 travel record and keeping it with you, is extremely important. Not only does this prove a legal entry into the country, but is also useful in other official procedures you might be involved in within the country.