Miami vs New York City – [Crime Rate, Living Costs, Salary]

Choosing between the Big Apple and Miami-the Magic City, hmm, that’s a tough one! Not only are these two cities immensely popular but utterly different too. It is precisely these set of differences that makes it so difficult to choose a favourite. 

We’re pretty sure the 9.8 million visitors to NYC and the 5.4 million to Miami city spent a good amount of the year 2016 deciding where to go! If only they had given this article a read, decision-making would have been so much easier! 

Comparing two cities with such stark differences isn’t easy and you never know when bias creeps in! However, our subjective take on the matter will surely eliminate all your doubts and help you pick a favourite. 


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Miami vs New York City – The General Outlook

New York isn’t called the city of Dreams just because one fine day the mayor had a whimsical dream to name it thus! With its career-driven population and business-driven culture, this is the city of success- where you see all your fantasies materialize, right in front of your eyes!

On the other hand, life in Miami presents an entirely different picture. With its glorious beaches and even better weather, it’s all about outdoor recreation and enjoying your time under the sun. in either case, life in Miami or in New York City, redefines the word luxury!

Cost of Living

Luxury undoubtedly comes with a price. Let’s compare these two dazzling cities in terms of the price that you will have to pay. 


Taxes in New York City are the highest in the country. On the other hand, there is no income tax, capital gains tax, or estate tax in Miami. When in Miami, only the assets that you hold are subject to federal tax. 


Housing in Miami and New York City is a lot more expensive than it is in the rest of the country. It is 44% above the national average in Miami and a whopping 369% higher in New York. 

Luxury properties in Miami beach have prices comparable to real estate in New York. however, prices get reasonable as you travel towards downtown Miami. Here, you will find many condos and rental apartments with prices quite reasonable when compared to their Big Apple counterparts.

Covid-19 has somewhat brought the real estate price down in New York, but it is still one of the most expensive markets worldwide. 

Daily Living Cost

The average daily cost of living is $164. This is 14% more than the national average. Conversely, the average daily cost of living in New York is $253, which is 129% higher than the national average. This includes the cost of accommodation, travel, food, and entertainment. 

The Verdict: Living in New York is definitely more expensive than life in Miami. However, the city has numerous career opportunities, growth potential, and higher salaries to offer. Miami Vs New York salary comparison indicates that New Yorkers earn more. 

Therefore, not only do you spend more but you end up earning more in New York too. Life in Miami is cheaper but it comes at the cost of missing out on some excellent career growth. 

Weather Comparison

Both these cities have climates at opposite spectrums. When living in New York City, you will be re-introduced to the four distinct seasons. While spring and fall are pleasantly comfortable, summer and winter seasons exhibit extreme temperatures. Snowfall is a regular winter feature of the NY winter, which is practically non-existent in Miami. 

Miami weather, on the other hand, is your textbook tropical climate. The weather stays warm all year round, with temperatures hardly dropping below 60℉. However, Miami residents do have to face the occasional hurricane which comes thundering their way.

The Verdict: Honestly, it all comes down to your personal preference. If varying weather thrills you, then New York is the place for you. On the other hand, if too much sun isn’t ever too much for you, then Miami is your dream destination.

Transportation Comparison

The New York MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) is one of the best in the world. Not to forget, it’s fairly easy on the pocket too. The transport army offers ferry services, more than 300 bus lines, an extensive subway system, and cab services too. 

These services are available round the clock, seven days a week. You would hardly ever feel the need to own a car if you don’t have one. 

On the other hand, public transport in Miami isn’t all that great. It goes by the name of Metrorail, which is operational in some areas only. The upside is that it is free of cost and it won’t cost you a penny!

Apart from the Metrorail, there is a trolley that runs along the coastline. This service is a favorite amongst tourists to the city. Public transportation isn’t something that you can bank on in Miami city so the residents generally drive or use ride-share apps like Uber. 

The Verdict: When it comes to taking you around, New York is the clear winner.

Differences In Culture?

When it comes to religion, both cities have strong Christian roots. Catholics dominate the religious field and you will find many churches spread out over both these cities. 

As far as the locals are concerned, these are a bunch of vibrant people, who are always welcoming and eager to help. If you are a foreign visitor, don’t be surprised if you see them giving each other a friendly peck on the cheek. That’s how they greet one another!

Another feature common to both cities is their indulgence in the fashion and art scene. While New York may be a bit more fashion-forward, Miami has its fair share of fashion and art enthusiasts.

Enough of the similarities there. Let’s talk about some major cultural differences which are too obvious to ignore. New York City dwellers hail from different parts of the world. This diversity is reflected in the city’s food, music, and art. 

There is never a boring moment in New York. There is a high chance of you running out of days from your trip, but not out of activities! From its Broadway shows to museum exhibits and street fairs, New York has something to offer to every individual. 

On the other hand, Miami’s culture is heavily influenced by its Latin American population. The city has strong South American roots and you’d always find a Latino touch to its food, music, and even the language spoken on the streets!

Miami life is much more laid back and relaxed, compared to the constant NY buzz. The majority of the population tends to indulge in outdoor activities like running, golfing, playing tennis, and water sports. 

The Verdict: It’s actually a tie! Both the cities have a rich and unique culture, which has something for everyone.

Food And Lifestyle

The restaurants in New York are diverse and some of them are the best in the world. You will find the best possible version of every cuisine here, from pizzas to Chinese to Ethiopian food. What adds to the experience of the great food which the city has to offer, is the award-winning customer service to go with it. 

New York street food is iconic too. Its bagels and hotdogs are synonymous with the city and make it to the top of every foodie’s list. 

The food in Miami might not be so well known internationally, but the city surely is a US food champion. Miami has the best Cuban, Caribbean, and Mexican food, thanks to its abundant Central and South American population. 


New York City has a never-ending supply of glam and energy. Just what you would expect from the “city that never sleeps”. The city boasts some of the world’s best museums and theatres. It also houses popular music venues like the Music Hall of Williamsburg and Radio City Music Hall.  

It is obvious that MIami’s sun and sand would call for outdoor entertainment. Therefore, the city is home to major sports teams like the Miami Heat, Miami Dolphins, and Miami Marlins. Other than that, the city’s South Beach neighborhood also houses many outdoor venues where you can enjoy live music under the sun. 


When in New York, do as the New Yorkers do! Yeah, don’t even think about hitting the sack! There is an infinite number of bars, clubs, and lounges that you can go to instead. The only downside about all the partying is that things can get a little out of your budget and because no one ever sleeps here, most of the venues tend to get overcrowded. 

Miami is equally popular for its club life. South Beach is lit up with posh nightclubs and you’d find plenty of local salsa dancing venues in the entire city. You’d go back with memories that would last you a lifetime. 

The Verdict: New York takes the lead in this department. While Miami’s colorful entertainment package is quite wholesome, it doesn’t come up to New York’s entertainment level. 

What’s The Crime Rate In Both Cities?

Miami has a higher crime rate when compared to New York. This comparison includes numbers related to murder, rape, theft, etc. That being said, Miami is not to be be labelled as an unsafe city at all.  

Back in the 1980s, the city was known for its drug trafficking activites. However, these have been largely brought under control by relevant departments. But old stories rarely die out and there are still some areas which the locals try to avoid. 

The Verdict: New York is safer.

The Fashion Face-Off: Miami vs NYC Shopping

Miami and New York City are every shopaholics paradise. Both the cities flaunt high-end brands. However, we would grade shopping in Miami a notch above that in New York City. This is because Miami is all about luxury and it’s shopping experience is no different. 

A lot of these luxury items are olny available here. Therefore, if you want to experience a one-of-a-kind shopping spree, head out to Miami. A word of caution here. Since it’s all about being extravagant, don’t complain if the bill breaks the bank!

Shopping in New York is comparable to the food there. It’s diverse and tasteful. If you’re looking for high-end brands, you can head out to Fifth Avenue. Additionally, New York has amazing local markets too, where you can end up making unique purchases.

Which City Has Most Population?

In 2021, Miami had a population of 6.09 million people. This is in contrast to New York’s 19.68 million. The stark difference in the population size is enough to indicate how life in both these citites is poles apart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Miami more expensive than New York?

No, living in Miami is cheaper compared to New York City. The cost of living in NYC is estimated to be 16% higher than in Miami. 

2. Why do New Yorkers love Miami?

New Yorkers love Miami because the city has the right mix of similarities and contrasts with New York. Hence, it provides an excellent getaway from the routine New York lifestyle without making them homesick.

3. Is it cheaper to go to Miami or New York?

It is cheaper to go to Miami. On average, you would be spending $164 per day in Miami and $253 daily if you were to visit New York instead. 

4. Which city is bigger NYC or Miami?

NYC is way bigger than Miami. Miami spans over 36 square miles whereas New York City covers an area of 300.45 square miles. Therefore, New York City is eight times the size of Miami.

5. Should I live in Miami or NYC?

It depends on the type of your personality. If you prefer a fast-paced life with a multitude of career opportunities then NYC is the place to be. However, if you enjoy your fair share of time under the sun, then book your ticket to Miami. 


There’s no clear winner or loser in this situation. Choosing a personal favorite for yourself depends on the type of personality that you have and what your’re looking for in your hometown. 

If you yearn a fast-paced life, are career-driven and aim to fly high, then New York is the place to be. On the other hand, if you want a more relaxed and laid-back lifestyle, then buckle up, because Miami is calling out to you!

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