“To err is human,” and aren’t we all just that? Although the ESTA online application is a simple form, there are always chances of making a mistake.

So while filling out the form, you realize that you made an error. What now? You ask “can I fix a mistake on my ESTA application?” 

In this article, we will walk you through the options available to you if and when you make a mistake while filling out the ESTA form.

Error Fixing in ESTA Form 

When fixing mistakes on the ESTA application, you can either realize that you made a mistake BEFORE the payment (if you’re lucky) or afterward.

Before Paying the Application Fee

This is perhaps the most convenient time for ESTA form fixing. You can change MOST of the details on the application form before payment.

The details that you will not be able to amend are as follows: 

  • Your date of birth
  • Your country of citizenship
  • Your country of passport issuance
  • Your passport number

These details are part of stage 1 of the questionnaire. Once you cross over to the next stage, it is not possible to go back. Therefore, in case of an error, you will have to re-apply.

If you have to perform error fixing in the ESTA form related to any other field, click the tab “check individual status” and proceed with the necessary corrections. 

After Paying the Application Fee

As soon as you make the payment, ESTA form processing begins. Therefore it is not possible to correct an ESTA application mistake here.

The only fields that can be changed after form submission are as follows:

  • Your email address
  • Your accommodation address in the US

Note that any other modifications that you want to make to your application require that you apply for a new ESTA authorization. Hence, you will be paying the application fee again.

Fixing Mistakes on ESTA Application

As mentioned earlier, your email address and accommodation address in the US are the only fields that can be modified free of cost. 

However, for this purpose, you will be needing your application number. This will be provided to you in the ESTA approval email that you receive. Note it down, as it might come in handy during the 2-year validity period of your ESTA approval. 

Non-modifiable Answers

If you realize you made an incorrect entry after payment of fees, these two options are available to you:

  • Re-application
  • Contacting CBP or the ESTA technical team.

If you made a mistake in the questions of part one, you are eligible for re-application 24 hours after the first attempt. (with payment again)

If you accidentally answered “yes” to any of the questions from 2-9, we recommend that you email CBP or the ESTA team. Explain in detail how you may have answered incorrectly and act according to their advice. 


There are 9 main major questions on the ESTA application. After submitting the form, if you realize you made a mistake when answering the first question, you can wait 24 hours and try to submit a new application. To correct errors from questions 2-9, you will have to contact CBP or the ESTA technical team.

You can edit your ESTA for as long as you have not paid the application fee. Once the fee has been paid you cannot edit the application in any way. You can, however, submit a new application. In this case, you will be required to pay the fee again.

If you make a mistake regarding your passport or biographical information, you will have to submit a new application. For all other errors, you will have to get in touch with the CBP or the ESTA technical team for further guidance.

The only details that you can change on your ESTA are your email address and your accommodation in the US. For changing any other details, you would have to apply for a new ESTA and pay for the new application too.


To avoid having your ESTA denied by mistake, it is crucial that you do not make any mistakes! Take your own sweet time in filling out the form and understand every question before answering.

Nevertheless, if you still manage to blow it; our tips will come in handy. Not only will our guide help save you time but some money too.